Introducing Prime Fulfillment by Ingram Micro Services

A fulfillment solution enabling brands to fulfill Amazon Prime orders across the U.S. and meet Seller Fulfilled Prime SLAs while maintaining a single pool of inventory for all sales channels.

Harness the Full Power of Amazon Prime

Prime Fulfillment by Ingram Micro Services makes it easier than ever to support multichannel sales — including Amazon Prime sales. It allows customers to move inventory for Amazon Prime orders into an Ingram Micro Services fulfillment center, creating a single pool of inventory consolidated for use across all distribution channels. With this solution, your brand can leverage the full power of Amazon Prime sales.

Benefits of Prime Fulfillment by Ingram Micro Services

Prime Fulfillment by Ingram Micro Services supplements your multichannel strategy and enables a single pool of inventory to be used for marketplace fulfillment, dropship fulfillment, ecommerce fulfillment and wholesale orders.

Prime Fulfillment by Ingram Micro Services supports brands and retailers interested in enrolling in Seller Fulfilled Prime and current customers already selling through the Prime channel. It compliments our existing support for Amazon order fulfillment and enables a complete Amazon Fulfillment Solution for all your Amazon sales. Leverage our solution to fulfill all or any of your Amazon orders — including (but not limited to) Prime orders.

Housing inventory for all of your distribution channels in a single pool allows you to prioritize order fulfillment for the channels of highest value — important in the event of inventory shortages. Through Ingram Micro’s Shipwire Platform, you can view inventory levels across all enabled locations and product SKUs.

By using Prime Fulfillment by Ingram Micro Services to fulfill Amazon Prime orders, transportation costs are limited to inbound transportation to an Ingram Micro facility and outbound transportation to your end customers. This eliminates all costs associated with transferring inventory or shipping to Amazon from the manufacturer or port. The option to use Ingram Micro Services or third-party shipping rates can further reduce costs.

Amazon is limited when it comes to packaging options and customizing shipments. Ingram Micro Services will work with you to determine best-fit packaging and support customizations, including marketing inserts and other value-added services.

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