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Onsite Services

  • Onsite Audit

    Onsite audit services are available with asset collection or at any time during the life of your assets. We offer this service for installed, in-service assets or assets staged for collection. Technicians capture all required data including, but not limited to, serial number, asset tag and physical location. Data may be uploaded into your asset management system for internal tracking and inventory accuracy and/or we can retain the inventory details in BlueIQ, our Asset Intelligence System, so it’s available as a collection checklist when assets are removed from service.

    Read our Onsite Inventory Case Study to learn more.

  • Data Center Services

    We have extensive experience and a proven track record helping enterprise organizations manage their data center requirements for moves, adds/changes, consolidations and shut downs, and are fully conversant with data center requirements and standards.

    Standard Services Include:

    • Physical Inventory
    • Server Decommission & Shut Down
    • Loose Drive Erasure
    • Onsite Media Destruction
    • Cable Pulling
    • Redeployment

    Read our Data Center Decommission Case Study to learn more.

  • Asset De-installation & Removal

    Our expert technicians will deinstall, pack and palletize your assets and transport them to the nearest Ingram Micro ITAD facility for processing. In addition to serial numbers and asset tags, custom data can be captured during this process. If the assets are being replaced, we can provide installation service for the new equipment.

    See Chain of Custody for more information.

  • Data Erasure

    Ingram Micro has selected Blancco data sanitization software as our standard (based on capability and industry standing). Blancco is a progressive firm that continually develops and enhances their products to address the data security needs of emerging technologies. The erasure utility is compliant with all common national and international standards and generates a unique erasure report to validate the overwrite procedure completed properly.

    See Data Destruction to learn more.

  • Storage Media Destruction

    Ingram Micro ITAD offers both physical shredding and shredding alternatives for onsite destruction. We send truck-mounted shredders to your facility to destroy hard drives however, if shredding isn’t an option at your location, we also offer degaussing to de-magnetize storage media and render data inaccessible. For solid state drives, we employ a portable pulverizing device. All three options comply with internationally-recognized data erasure/destruction standards.

    See Data Destruction for more information.

  • Deployment/Redeployment

    Let us stock and manage your asset inventory for major deployment or redeployment initiatives. Whether you’re deploying new equipment or redeploying decommissioned assets, we have programs to meet your requirements and off additional services like loading your corporate software image and performing onsite data capture.

    Read our Global Redeployment Case Study to learn more.