The global consumer electronics repair and maintenance market is expected to reach $20.52 billion USD in 2023, representing a compound annual growth rate of 7.5%.
To monetize returned devices, we screen, grade, repair and refurbish them with the goal of enabling an 80% yield target.
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What drives consumers to return devices?

1. Perceived as faulty

Often, consumers send functional devices back to the retailer due to a lack of understanding of the product’s functionality rather than a true product fault.
These no-fault-found (NFF) returns amount to 68% of all online returns, according to TechSee. After wiping data and updating the firmware, such products can be resold as reconditioned devices, allowing retailers to recover value.

2. Customer change of mind

If a customer changes their mind after purchasing a new device, there is a short window of time during which it can be returned — provided that it is fully functional. Such products are processed and resold in “as new” condition.

3. Surplus stock

Sellers can return extra inventory to Ingram Micro hubs for testing prior to resale. Testing is required for devices that have been opened. However, unopened product can be resold as is.

4. Device trade-in for cash

Electronic device trade-ins or “buy-back” programs are the rise. Traded devices are rigorously tested, customer data is erased, repairs are made before the products reenter the market as second hand or refurbished devices. Getting such devices into a sellable condition is key to extending their lifecycle and reducing electronic waste.

Ingram Micro specializes in managing technology returns and recouping value from reusable products. With millions of devices tested, repaired and refurbished each year, we are experts in recognising and maximising reuse potential in local and global marketplaces and our services and operations are backed by a wide range of OEM and ISO accreditations.

The Ingram Micro Difference

We have decades of industry experience and specialize in reverse logistics for consumer electronics. Our processing centres test, repair, and refurbish millions of mobile devices each year, and our seasoned team can help you identify and maximize resale potential in local and global marketplaces.
Our services and operations are backed by a wide range of OEM and ISO accreditations, and our technicians are highly trained to deliver consistent, efficient results.

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