Technology Lifecycle Services

Services to enable a circular and sustainable product lifecycle. Enterprises and Technology companies, you’ve come to the right place.

Ingram Micro Technology Lifecycle Services
Configuration & Fulfillment
Returns Management
Repair & Refurbishment
Trade-In & Buy Back
Asset Management
IT Asset Disposition

In recent years, the demand for services to manage and extend the lifespan of technology products has increased sharply. In response, Ingram Micro offers state-of-the-art solutions to address the return, refurbishment, repair and remarketing of technology products. These services enable operators, retailers, insurers, enterprises and OEMs to maximize the lifespan of technology products through a suite of environmentally responsible solutions.

2021 Facts & Figures

3M+ serialized assets
processed for disposition
returned devices
10M+ returned
devices handled
repaired devices
65% of devices repaired
and lifecycle extended

Global Footprint

With a global footprint and local presence, we can help you close the loop and optimize your technology lifecycle and asset management, regardless of where you are located.

global footprint

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